OSI Shine, Ayurveda Body Oil with Ashwagandha & Rose Essential Oil, Massage Oil, Warm The Vata System, Improve Circulation, Expertly Handcrafted Using Traditional Ayurvedic Method (11 Herbs, 118 ml)



Promotes Better Body Movement - This revitalizing ayurveda oil helps warm and lubricate your vata system. Daily self-massage helps restore calmness while providing you strength. Feel the Positive Changes with Regular Use - Our oil contains a potent blend of natural oils and ayurvedic herbs. It helps restore balance and enhance your body strength, vitality, and vigor. Experience the difference with Shine Ayurveda Vata Oil with every application. With Rejuvenating Properties - Use our skin oil daily and experience invigorating, energizing sensations all over your body. An essential ayurveda oil, it pacifies your vata, benefiting dry skin and dry lips. Great for Your Skin - Massage over your arms and legs, and through your core and around your abdomen for an ultimate ayurveda experience. It leaves your skin ultra smooth after a therapeutic massage. Only the Good Stuff - This ayurvedic body oil is made with ayurvedic essential oils and ingredients without any synthetic additives. Its proprietary blend of ingredients delivers a grounding and calming effect on the mind and body.


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