Home Remedies for Liver Detoxification

Home Remedies for Liver Detoxification
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Apr 2019

Home Remedies for Liver Detoxification
Liver forms the most essential organ of the body. It secretes bile. This is used for the production of the plasma proteins, storing iron, regulating blood clotting, digestion, regulating amino acid, removing toxic substances from the body and more. The major causes of liver detoxification are stress, alcohol, junk food, smoking and medication. Allergies, weight gain and migraines are some other major causes of liver related problems.

Useful Home Remedies
1. Amla or Gooseberry
This is one of the most common items of every household.
?>It contains citric acid and is an abundant source of Vitamin C.
It helps to keep the functioning of the liver at an optimum level.
It boosts digestion, enhances the immune system of the body and protects the functioning of the liver.
It treats hepatitis B infection effectively.
2. Licorice or Madhuyesti
People having an increase in the level of the transaminase enzymes are highly benefitted through this home remedy.
It is generally consumed in the form of a tea.
It has anti-ulcer properties and is highly effective to treat liver related complications.
3. Turmeric or Haldi
Turmeric has a lot of medicinal properties.
It contains anti-oxidants, which treat the liver related problems easily.
It provides wonderful treatment for Hepatitis C and B.
Consumption of turmeric mixed milk on a regular basis helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the liver in the human body.
4. Flaxseed
The phycoconstituents present in the flaxseeds help the body hormones to bind with the receptor sites and prevent them from getting circulated in the vascular system of the body.
Sprinkling a small amount of flaxseed in the crushed form on the salad or toast makes the liver functioning quite healthy and easy
5. Vegetables
Some vegetables like cabbage, beet, broccoli, carrot, garlic, onion help the liver to secrete larger amount of the enzymes. These help in carrying out the liver detoxification reactions efficiently and protect the liver from any damage.
Apart from these home remedies, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of fluid in the form of water and herbal tea. This prevents the formation of stones and helps in cleaning the liver and maintaining an efficient liver functioning system of the body.
Eat more leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.
Eat plenty of water.
Avoid constipation.
Avoid spicy junk foods.
Exercise regularly.

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